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The Transcultural Centre
A knowledge centre serving the health and medical staff of Stockholm County Council with training, consultation and supervision in the areas of transcultural psychiatry as well as health and dental care for asylum seekers and refugees.

The Transcultural Centre will encourage and contribute to the skills development of health care staff regarding encountering other cultures as well as migration and refugee issues. In order to realise these goals the Transcultural Centre will be a knowledge centre within the core areas of transcultural psychiatry as well as health and dental care for asylum seekers and refugees.

The Transcultural Centre offers

  • Counselling, consultation and supervision are available via the telephone, visits to the centre or at the workplace.
    Free of charge
  • Training
    Competence enchancing staff training is offered in the form of standard or "tailormade" training programmes, as well as individual lectures.
  • Network for health care staff
    The network aims to stimulate the exchange of experiences and knowledge. The network is intended to serve various professional groups/fields.
    Free of charge

Sofie Bäärnhielm, MD, PhD
Head of Unit, consultant psychiatrist
Tel +46 8 123 486 79
Mobile +46 70 484 61 62

The Centre's brochure as PDF

The Transcultural Centre will support the development of health care services in the County that correspond to the cultural multiplicity of the population and welcome and treat patients, irrespective of their background, on equal terms and with respect for their self-determination and integrity. It will also work to ensure that patients seeking asylum are well received within the health service and are offered an adequate level of care.


Culture, context and psychiatric diagnosis
Interview Manual for the Outline for a Cultural Formulation in DSM-IV
Sofie Bäärnhielm
Marco Scarpinati Rosso
Laszlo Pattyi
... (PDF)

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