Safe and secure care

This is where you can find information about your rights and how we work to achieve safe and secure care.

As a patient, you must be able to feel safe with us. One important aspect of this is that you are aware of your rights. Both as a patient and as a relative or close friend.

On these pages we have compiled information about your medical records and how confidentiality works, and also about how you are involved in the care you receive and how you can put forward your comments.

We also describe our patient safety work and how quality registers help to develop care services.

You can also read about the most important laws that govern care and what the care guarantee involves.

Attempted fraud

There have been instances of patients becoming the victims of attempted fraud over the phone. Please note that we never ask anyone to deposit money for medicines or treatment into a bank account. If you receive a bill from the healthcare service, it will always be a paper invoice, and if you are unsure you should contact your care provider.

How to protect yourself

Say that you will call back and ask for the name and phone number of the person who called you. Then call your health centre and check that the call really came from someone there. If it proves to be a case of attempted fraud, we recommend that you report this to the police.