Read your medical records

You have the right to read your medical records and you can also order copies of them.

As regards relatives and close friends, you must give your consent for them to be able to read your medical records. Special rules apply to children under the age of 18 and other minors.

This is what you do

Contact the clinic, department or unit that you have attended and state the time interval in your medical records in which you are interested. You also need to state your full name, personal ID number, postal address and phone number.

If you have attended several different clinics, you will need to contact each of them.


If you have extensive medical records, or if you would like several copies of them, you can pay a copying fee for the copies you receive.

There is no charge for up to nine pages of copies of medical records. An administrative fee of SEK 50 is charged for the tenth copy. Subsequent copies cost SEK 2 each.

Cash on delivery and registration fee are extra.

You also have the right once a year to request extracts from all registers in which you are included, without this costing you anything.


In individual instances, there may be strong medical reasons why it is not appropriate for you to have access to your full medical records at a particular time during your treatment.

Your doctor will, therefore, always conduct an assessment of whether the medical records should be released. The same applies if a relative or close friend with your consent asks for a copy of your records.

This is exclusively out of consideration for you and there must be very good reasons for not releasing records. If your request for your records is refused, you can appeal the decision. You are provided with information about how to do this together with a written explanation of the reason for the refusal.

If you are a guardian, as a rule you have the right to access your child’s medical records, but when the child is older, in their teenage years, it is often a requirement that the child gives their consent for this. Nor are medical records released if it is suspected that the child is being harmed or that the guardian is unable to protect the child.