About Stockholm County Council, Health Care Services

Welcome to Stockholm healthcare Services (SLSO) We are part of Region Stockholm and are responsible for all care provided by the region apart from emergency hospitals. We offer care at all stages of life.

For many people, our clinics and activities are their first point of contact with healthcare services. It should be possible to get the right care from us quickly. It is important to be seen and heard, whether as a patient or as a relative or close friend. 

We have just over 11,500 employees in total. Over the course of a year, we have five million outpatient visits and 600,000 inpatient care days. This makes us one of Sweden’s biggest care providers.

We operate in most of the municipalities in Region Stockholm. Around two million people live in the county.

We have a huge responsibility

Because of our great responsibility, we work continuously to improve care. We are firmly convinced that care is better when decisions are made close to patients and to relatives or close friends. We therefore work according to the philosophy of developing “companies within the company”. We operate with a great deal of independence and responsibility for our results.

Our goal is that our employees should have the right conditions to provide the right care in the right way in their everyday work. In order to achieve this, everyone must work with a clear focus, both in their own activities and when interacting with other care providers.

Our vision, values and operational policy form the foundation of our work and set the goals for our operations.

We are a public administration financed by taxes and we place great emphasis on transparency and the public’s right of insight.